BuzzSumo Adds ‘Question Analyzer’ to Help Provide New Content Ideas


Content discovery app BuzzSumo recently added a new feature that could provide significant help to those looking for new content ideas – and importantly, ideas that resonate with their target market.

The new tool, which adds to BuzzSumo’s expanding list of features, is called ‘Question Analyzer’, and it helps provide relevant context by crawling ‘hundreds of thousands of forums, as well as sites such as Quora, Reddit and Amazon’ in order to pinpoint the key questions people are seeking answers to on any topic or niche.

As explained by BuzzSumo:

“You can search by keyword across all sites or search any specific forum (eg or any subreddit. You can also filter by date, type of site, such as only ecommerce sites, or search a specific domain such as all questions asked about a product on”

Here’s how it works.

First, head to the Question Analyzer page and you’ll see this opening form.

BuzzSumo Adds 'Question Analyzer' to Help Provide New Content Ideas | Social Media TodayAs you can see, there are options to search by keyword, domain and subreddit built in, with a check option for each. You can also narrow the results to forums, eCommerce sites and Q and A sites via the sidebar options, and by region to help hone in on the exact queries you want to know about. There are also time filters to improve the relevance of the results.

Once you’ve got some idea of what search you want to conduct, you enter in your chosen key term/s and hit search and you’ll get a listing of questions being asked around that topic from the various sources.

BuzzSumo Adds 'Question Analyzer' to Help Provide New Content Ideas | Social Media TodayThe listings provide a range of great content ideas, which are actually based on the questions people are asking, not on your own hunches or feel.

BuzzSumo Adds 'Question Analyzer' to Help Provide New Content Ideas | Social Media TodayThere’s a heap of benefits to such insights – on their own, the listings will give you new ideas about potential content angles, relevant to your specific target market. But when combined with other research tools, you can also see which of these questions has been addressed, and how, by other providers, and how that content has performed, giving you even more ideas about potential ways you could tackle the subject yourself to create resonant content and help your pages stand out.

As a tool, BuzzSumo is one of the better content assistants out there, enabling easier content research, and providing insight into what’s generating interest among your target audience. Question Analyzer expands upon this, providing another way to simplify your research efforts and improve your content process.

Worth a look for all content marketers.