Facebook Announces Multi-Company Groups in Workplace


Facebook is back with a new Workplace update that we can all get excited about — multi-company groups on Workplace

Recently, Facebook introduced new tools to Workplace, including bots, improving their overall business offering. Now that they’ve gotten over 14,000 organizations using the platform to communicate and collaborate during the workday successfully, they’ve decided to expand their offering and allow cross-collaboration between organizations.

Serving the same function as the original Workplace, multi-company groups on Workplace now allow two or more organizations to communicate easily, collaborate on projects, share documents, hold meetings, etc. all in one place. The best part about this is that only one company needs to have an account to invite others to collaborate; anyone can be invited via email or invite link.

This will be a game-changer for advertising and marketing agencies who need an easier way to work with clients. You can create multiple groups (one for each project or client) and manage those projects and conversations in one place.

This could also be a huge help for community managers looking for a space to host smaller communities. Maybe this is the space you’ve been looking for to host your influencers?

Now that multi-company groups are available in Workplace, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Facebook groups. Workplace offers so many more tools and resources for collaboration, and with the addition of groups, it’s possible that this is the end of Facebook groups used for business. We’ll just have to wait and see.